Is Ignorance Bliss?

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


I recently was talking to a friend who said, “I’m a flower girl, I really just want to walk through life saying lalalalalala” and she honestly didn’t see the value in advocating for political issues or engaging in debates.  I tried to explain my belief that we have a civil responsibility to seek knowledge, discuss, question, investigate, and work to improve our communities.  In other words, pay attention to the National and International discussion and be infomed.  Otherwise, others in political and social positions of power make decisions for us and perpetuate the status quo.  In fact, the post 9/11 era has caused us to lose many civil liberties.  We are living in politically-charged times in which corporate profits and right-wing conservative ideals have diminished basic social programs like education, health services, and job placement programs.  Programs that impact the quality of our daily lives,  Can we afford to keep on our rose-colored glasses?


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