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PIcture of the Week

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PIcture of the Week

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Hate knows few boundaries; fortunately love ❤ knows none….


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I am usually bemoaning the “money- hungry and arrogant ” nature of lawyers and this clip made me stop and think I was guilty of stereotyping and being short-sighted. Gideons Army, a documentary featured at the Sundance Festival looks amazing. The reasons these public defenders choose to of defend the poor, many of whom live in the South (like me) remind me of why I taught in public schools for 11 years despite all of the issues, problems, and daily brow-beating.

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Celebrities Accused of Skin Beaching

Quite disturbing that in this day and age the definition of beauty is connected to skin hue…

Check out the full list of celebrities accused of skin-bleaching via

Officially Superficial

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Officially Superficial

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Snoop, you have fame, fortune, and notariety, must you use another culture to make yourself relevant?  No wonder Rastafiarians are in an uproar about Snoop Lion’s documentary detailing his “conversian” to Rastafarianism. 

“A forest ecolo…

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“A forest ecology is a delicate one. If the forest perishes, it’s fauna may go with it. The Athshean word for world is also the word for forest.”
~Ursula K. Le Guin from The Word for World is Forest


KImberly Bratic is on the front lines in Afghanistan and a prime example of why women being allowed to participate in all aspects of combat is crucial.  As she explains, we are already doing it, and are capable of connecting with civilians and earning the respect of their male counterparts.